Course Description (click on blue for more)

As an introduction to London and Paris as art and literary destinations, this hybrid course combines an introductory lecture and discussion, 8 to 10 days abroad (optional extension to Normandy), and a closing celebration of student readings and presentations. All student work will be posted online, in real travel time, as part of a group blog, administered by the instructor. Content of the blog will be shaped by the students involved and may reflect their interests in journalism, creative writing, online publishing, graphic arts, photography, fashion, music, food, and so on. The travel blog will offer the best in travel writing traditions, including fact, imagination, the surprising and whimsical. (Click on blue link for week-by-week hybrid course model.)

Blog Content

Letters and postcards

Diary and journal

Photographs with captions

Found language in the streets

News of the day


Observations and commentary

Mash-ups of image, text, music

Short videos and animation

Busking, dance, mime

Student Learning Outcomes

To recognize the inheritance of ideas from the Old World, especially London and Paris of the Enlightenment—the power of reason and an inquiring mind.

To interpret the world as an open text—how to read signs and symbols while walking in a cosmopolitan city.

To record observations and experiences—by means of journalism, creative writing, photography, music, visual arts, that is, a broad spectrum of the humanities.

To practice Netiquette and a code of blogging ethics—free expression, transparency, responsibility.

To present our ideas to a larger community—our peers at Ohlone, our town, and a world of students.