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10 min London-Paris video

3 min London slideshow

3 min Paris slideshow


“Third things are essential to … practices or habits or arts … that provide a site of joint rapture

or contentment.” -Donald Hall

More on the Third Thing & the Third Space


slides from last class session

Creative prompts


slides from first class session


slides on how to generate daily travel posts


slides on how to take travel photos

Fun videos of London and Paris:

Vintage recording of Edith Piaf’s torch song, “Non, Je ne regrette rien”

Queen Elizabeth and Agent 007

Spice Girls comeback

Musicians busking in famous spots in London and Paris

Theatre, free cultural venues, clubs, bars, live music, night museum events

London and Paris book browse: eclectic faves

More resources: free, quick look-ups

    Lonely Planet


    iTunes U

Interview with Homi Bhabha on the third space from The Location of Culture